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    MKP AX-3600 Analog Time Recorder

    MKP AX-3600 Analog Time Recorder

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    Product Description

    MKP AX-3600 Analog Time Recorder
    Working currency 0.94 Amp
    Working power source 220/240 V
    50/60 Hz
    Working temperature 20°C ~ 40°C
    Machine dimension 218 x 145 x 220 mm
    Weight 2.0 kg
    Quantity 4 units/carton
    • 24 sets of settings/colours/columns to give maximum flexibility for various work schedule
    • Set day line change time freely
    • Perpetual calendar & weekly calendar
    • 2 colours by dot matrix 9 pin printer to show date & time
    • Equipped with music melody or bell alarm with external connection
    • Equipped with auto-feed and eject card mechanism
    • Double show by clock & LCD
    • Detector to identify the front and back portion of the monthly card
    • 6 columns IN/OUT print can be selected as auto-shift or manual

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